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Subject: RE: About the article
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 18:59:06 -0400
Hi Adam,

According to the SGML/XML Kit web pages, it also requires the non-free
Talva document explorer.  So even if you do manage to replace the MSIE
dependancy with Mozilla (or either), you still have that dependancy to
contend with.

Adam, don't jump on conclusions like that. the former do not implies the
latter :-) OK let's talk in clear english. On the Win32 platform, the
SGML/XML kit version not not _necessarily_ the document explorer but it
works a lot better with. I mean here, it is evenmore useful with it. There
is a certain restriction on it. the version 1 just work with local files and
do not work with remote file through protocols like HTTP. The next version
2.0 solve this limitation by adding HTTP protocol support.
On Mozilla, because the architecture of this browser is totally different,
the XSL and DSSSL angines won't be packaged the same way. They'll be XPCOM
modules and for version 1.0 as netlib MIME filters. For version 2, we target
to have a one pass transformation. This means that version 1 transform the
SGML or XML document into HTML then this latter format is parsed and
displayed. In version 2, the engines will directly interface with the DOM
and then we'll have removed a processing step.
So, for Mozilla, there won't even be a document explore module and therefore
no dependencies with this latter.

Now, just to clarify my intentions:

I do not wish to insult Didier, and I'm afaid my first mention of this
was rather insulting (I must have been grumpy).  For this I apologize.

While I do not follow RMS in saying all software must be free (I think
some great software would never have existed if so), I do believe that
the success of XML/SGML/DSSSL/XSL etc *do* depend on quality, free

I also *guess* that Didier's work is useful, especially for making the
SGML workflow and toolchain easier to use for users.  (I don't know
because I haven't run it).

Therefore, I wish I could use Didier's work on my main SGML platform
(Debian GNU/Linux).

At any rate, I hope this exchange has been instructive and
informative, and not just inflammatory.

Its OK Adam, its forgotten :-)
The XSL and DSSSL modules for mozilla will be available on Linux if we do
find some people to help to compile and test a) Mozilla, b) transformation
engines modules included in mozilla. But it won'T be too fast, we have so
much to do to stabilize the beast. Also, I have to synchronize with MITRE
people for the modules integration.
But, unfortunatly, we have to make a living, so several tools will be only
on win32, no with source code, and fully integrated into the shell. You
know, like others we have to pay the rent and feed our family :-) But
Mozilla will be open source (and so it will be for the transformation
engines modules).

Didier PH Martin

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