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Subject: Re: RE: About the article
From: "P. Stritzi" <e6g1m6n3@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 20:05:34 +0200 (MEST)
Didier PH Martin writes:

> you spoke about free platform <question>Is it Linux?</question>. if yes,
> then, if you call it free, this is probably because you downloaded it
> compiled it (free) and did not bought the already compiled one (not

Sorry to be picky but I think we have here a mixup of meanings for 
free.  All Linux distributions are free in the sense of "Freedom" (to
copy/modify source) because they are actually GNU systems with Linux Kernel and
as such Copylefted.  Free in this sense doesnt have to mean
free of cost.

So lets widen the scope of this discussion to Open Source where this
misunderstanding doesnt lurk.

> We would be glad to get some help from people able to recompile the
Linux OS
> (free) because actually a lot of them have Linux pre-packaged (not

Why do you have to recompile Linux?  What part do you need to change? The
kernel? The libs?  BTW it should be possible to recompile the pre-packaged
Linuxes because the have to contain the sources (mandated by copyleft).

Peer Stritzinger

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