Question concerning speedup of Jade

Subject: Question concerning speedup of Jade
From: Frank Wegmann <wegmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 00:27:19 +0200
First forgive me if the following sounds stupid but since the day I first
tried to put a minimal DocBook document thru Jade with Norms stylesheet
on my trusty NeXT, I wondered about a speedup of Jade. The job took about
two minutes (yes I know there is faster hardware around nowadays...)

But: is it technically feasible (sorry, I'm a complete C++ illiterate) to
adapt Jade so that it reads in a style specification and then sort of compiles it into some (yet unknown) format which could be taken as input for the
next Jade run. This would make much sense in connection with stylesheets
that are heavily/commonly used.

I thought of two previous examples: one being TeX where you can establish
a macro collection (such as LaTeX or others) to be dumped in a format file
which could then be read in much faster. The other one byte-compiled Emacs
Lisp files which also speedier than the uncompiled yet-to-be-interpreted-
once-again files.

If this doesn't apply to Jade at all, forget it. But otherwise it would be
a nice thing for people that do not always exchange their hardware after
three years.


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