Re: Question concerning speedup of Jade

Subject: Re: Question concerning speedup of Jade
From: Joerg Wittenberger <Joerg.Wittenberger@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 04 May 1999 12:47:40 +0200
>>>>> "FW" == Frank Wegmann <wegmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

FW> But: is it technically feasible (sorry, I'm a complete C++
FW> illiterate) to adapt Jade so that it reads in a style
FW> specification and then sort of compiles it into some (yet unknown)
FW> format which could be taken as input for the next Jade run. This
FW> would make much sense in connection with stylesheets that are
FW> heavily/commonly used.

I believe this would be a worthy extension.  Some kind of
cacheing/precompiling/memoized construction of the style.  Building
the transformation spec out of DSSSL source can obvoiusly be quite

Unfortunately I don't have an idea whether this is feasible in jade.


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