Re: node-list question 2

Subject: Re: node-list question 2
From: Joerg Wittenberger <Joerg.Wittenberger@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 04 May 1999 12:54:11 +0200
>>>>> "BP" == Bas Peters <bpeters@xxxxxx> writes:

BP> (strip-trailing-punctuation (data isbn)) seems to work, I have the
BP> idea that the values run through the strip trailing function, but
BP> the stripped values are not returned to the node list. Does any
BP> one have any suggestions? Here's the code:

(element MRCB
  (let ((isbn (select-elements (descendants (current-node))
  (if (not (node-list-empty? isbn))
    (strip-trailing-punctuation (data isbn)) 
    (data isbn))
  (make paragraph

This is not supposed to work at all.  I understand you are intending to
modify the nodelist, aren't you?  This is against the very idea of DSSSL.

You better create a mode "isbn" and define an element "MRCB0202-a"
within, which yields a suitable FO.  Within that definition you use
the strip-trainling-punctuation.


Sapere Aude

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