Re: About the source library

Subject: Re: About the source library
From: Ron Ross <ronross@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 15:02:01 -0400 (EDT)
On Mon, 3 May 1999, pnidv96@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> By "native formatter" I mean a program that directly formats the flow
> object tree for print or rendition online without going through some
> other formatter such as TeX or Word for example. The input is the FOT
> and the output is PDF or something that a printing/display device wants.
> A native formatter will make it possible to support the whole formatting
> language (including general indirect sosofos and complex pages).


This sounds terrific. The prospect of having the whole DSSSL
implementation at one's disposal _and_ of being able to output it directly
to screen or print is extremely encouraging. 

I have one proviso (or perhaps it's just a query) on the file format. I'm
relatively new to SGML-DSSSL, but have a production environment -- Emacs,
Psgml, Jade, various DTDs and stylesheets -- that I am quite pleased with.
Working as a translator, I concentrate on the writing, the content, and
then output the RTF file. RTF is limited, of course, but the thing is,
nearly all my clients require editable documents, documents they will
integrate with their Word files, or for which they have multiple uses,
including incorporation into page layout programs, or into Web pages.

Is there a format that can accommodate this kind of file use while
retaining as much of the formatting as possible? 

Corel WordPerfect (vers. 6-8) has an SGML editing module. A GUI,
point-and-click environment will always be too clunky for SGML editing IMO.
Formating is another story, however. To date, WordPerfect formating of
SGML files relied on a proprietary mechanism, but documentation (in vers.
8) mentions possible support of DSSSL in the next version of WordPerfect.
I know that version 9 has been in beta for quite some time; previews have
started to appear on commercial Net mags, but SGML tends to be far removed
from mainstream consciousness, and therefore no mention is made, one way
or another. Would anybody on this list be in the know as to what DSSSL
support exists in WordPerfect 9?


PS. I've been following the discussion concerning Jade's future with great
    interest (and some concern), and am encouraged by the willingness of
    those much more adept for it than myself to develop the program
    further. (I'm also very glad James is thinking about it;-)

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