RE: Question concerning speedup of Jade

Subject: RE: Question concerning speedup of Jade
From: "Wilson, James.W" <James.W.Wilson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 07:35:33 -0500
At one point I was efficiently processing many small files; as my
stylesheets got large (over 1.5 megs now) this became prohibitive due to the
startup time parsing the style sheet. I now process my data in larger chunks
to maximize throughput. (I have to break it up a bit so I don't use vast
amounts of memory, though, so it's a compromise.) So, this would definitely
be useful for people in that situation, using bloated style sheets on lots
of small chunks.


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Subject: Re: Question concerning speedup of Jade

On 4 May 1999, Joerg Wittenberger wrote:

> I believe this would be a worthy extension.  Some kind of
> cacheing/precompiling/memoized construction of the style.  Building
> the transformation spec out of DSSSL source can obvoiusly be quite
> complicated.
> Unfortunately I don't have an idea whether this is feasible in jade.
The scheme code (style sheet) is actually compiled after it is loaded, so
it probably won't be hard to write the "byte code" (Insn objects) out to a
file and read it in the next time the style sheet is needed. But I don't
know how much time that would save in comparison to the actual grove
processing/fot construction. In fact, we could mmap the compiled code and
run it directly avoiding to build the Insn tree in memory

A way to check if this would save time is to log what jade is doing
"parsing", "compiling", "building fot"... (Poor man's profiling) Anyone
with an enough slow computer who want to do this and check?

machine would like 

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