RE: Bait (was RE: indentation)

Subject: RE: Bait (was RE: indentation)
From: DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 07:39:43 +0100
>So, if I synthesize the last (very good and refreshing posts) 
>about learning
>a) start with a very easy example like Paul Prescod did
>b) show more powerful scripts like multi column or table of content

I would add that it is very necessary to introduce people to scheme
in a way that is useful for DSSSL. It was a big hold up for me.

The basic concepts are not too bad, once the syntax is grasped.
the big advantage of working with DSSSL is that the output
can be viewed to see if you got it right!

I would put tables further down the list.
The big one for me was tree navigation (climbing I called it).
Once I realised I could re-order the input, I had a 
grin on my face for a week.

Perhaps a toc as the next step, and a way to introduce Scheme
and navigation together?


I use (and paid for) Edscheme.
its biggest advantage for me was looking after the parens :-)

regards, DaveP

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