Scheme stuff for beginners

Subject: Scheme stuff for beginners
From: Glauber Ribeiro <glauber@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 09:56:31 -0500

(A) Scheme Tutorial

i just found a Scheme tutorial that seems good. Thought i'd share since
there seem to be a couple other people trying to learn Scheme.

(B) Win32 implementations

In the subject of Win32 implementations, MIT Scheme seems to be the most
well rounded one. It includes it's own "emacs" editor.

There is also Scheme 48, also pretty  nice, and also including a limited
editor/integrated environment, more Windows-like than MIT's.

The Scheme 48 distribution comes with a "html-help" file containing
among other things, the entire Scheme definition

And, i have successfully compiled "guile" with cygwin gcc. It seems to
work fine, and starts up faster than the other 2. However, i've just
started playing with it, need more test. Guile doesn't have an
integrated editor. (In Unix this is no problem, because you should be
able to use it with Emacs. In Windows, it means you have to write your
files with a separate editor then load them into guile.) If you are
interested in this, feel free to email me directly and i'll tell you how
to compile, or will send you the binary.

I'm playing with Scheme 48 and Guile. I don't know enough about Scheme
to tell which one is best.

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