DSSSL Stylesheet, DTD for W3C Specs

Subject: DSSSL Stylesheet, DTD for W3C Specs
From: Ralph Ferris <ralph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 12:15:23 -0400
Hello All,

I have just added the DSSSL Stylesheet and DTD for W3C specifications to
the HyBrick distribution: http://www.fsc.fujitsu.com/hybrick/. The DSSSL
style sheet was prepared by Jon Bosak, James Clark, and others. The DTD is
largely the work of Eve Maler. 

These documents are not W3C "confidential" and can be freely redistributed.
They have not received much publicity, though. The stylesheet and DTD are
high-quality material that deserve a higher profile. The files are:
- Samples\dtd\xmlspec-19990425.dtd 
- Samples\styles\xml.dsl, xmlprod.dsl, and xmlspec.dsl

Also, a few weeks back I added the "Betty Boop" medical records demo to the
distribution. These are XLink/XPointer-ized versions of the files used in
the (unforgetable) HyBrick presentation given by Eliot Kimber at SGML '97
in Barcelona. The files themselves were provided by Liora Alschuler, with
clinical background analysis provided by several doctors participating in
the HL7 work. The files can be found in the Samples\Medical directory.

Best regards,

Ralph E. Ferris
HyBrick Project Manager
Fujitsu Software Corporation

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