Re: Jade not using gcc

Subject: Re: Jade not using gcc
From: Adam Di Carlo <adam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 13 May 1999 03:25:56 -0400
>>>>> "Norman" == Norman Gray <norman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Norman> How does autoconf work?  Would I just edit in tweaks and tests
Norman> to the script distributed with Jade, or is there some more
Norman> structured source the configure script is, in turn, generated
Norman> from?  Is that (which doesn't appear in the
Norman> distribution)? 

Yes it does: config/

Norman> Is there any documentation on autoconf?

Info pages are the best source (for most GNU software, and this is no
exception).  Try 'M-x info' in emacs, or you might have the 'info'
terminal program installed.  If you're on windows, you'll have to go
to an info-> web gateway.. there are many.  Let me know if you need
more help.

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