need help with tables

Subject: need help with tables
From: Joerg Wittenberger <Joerg.Wittenberger@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 16:33:49 +0200 (CEST)
Hello folks,

I need a bit of help with tables.  I have some message describtions to 
format.  I want them to look like:


         heading: explanation
         heading: explanation

To achive that I tried to use tables.  But I can't manage to get the
explanation paragraphs broken into the table cells.  Instead the
explanation goes onto one line, not matter how long it is or even
contains displayed elements.

I guess I must have missed something very stupid.

BTW: The whole stuff is done as an extention to docbook stylesheets.

Here the style sheet:

This is how I format the explanations:

(define (tip-mesg-entry heading)
  (make paragraph
    space-before: %para-sep%
    quadding: %default-quadding%
    (make sequence
      font-weight: 'bold
      (literal heading " "))

Here use the above:

(element (mesg mesgtext) (process-children))
(element (mesg mesgexplan) (tip-mesg-entry "Erläuterung:"))
(element (mesg sysact) (tip-mesg-entry "Systemaktion:"))
(element (mesg oresp) (tip-mesg-entry "Bedienkraft-Aktion:"))
(element (mesg uresp) (tip-mesg-entry "Nutzer-Aktrion:"))

Now build the whole thing:

(element mesg
 (make table
   before-row-border: #f
   after-row-border: #f
   before-column-border: #f
   after-column-border: #f
   (make table-row
    (make table-cell
     width: 2.5cm
          (literal (data (select-elements (children (current-node))
					  (normalize "MesgNo")))))
    (make table-cell
      width: (table-width 1)

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