Picture in DSSSL

Subject: Picture in DSSSL
From: "Jakub Nosek" <kuba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 17:15:36 +0200

I would like to ask anyone if has any experiences with putting pictures
directly in DSSSL style ? I followed ISO norm 10179 and try this:

     (make  external-graphic
            entity-system-id:    "logo.jpg"
            display?:            #t
            space-before:        0.3cm
            space-after:         0.0cm
            display-alignment:   'center
            max-width:           3cm
            max-height:          1cm

I use Jade for generating RFT. File is displayed correctly, but
changing atributes space-after and max-width and max-height has no effect.

Does anyone know why ?

Thank you very much,


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