Subject: Opinions???
From: Alexander Taranov <tay@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 15:03:58 +0400 (MSD)
Didier PH Martin writes:
 > Hi,
 > Does anybody read this:
 > http://www.xml.com/xml/pub/1999/05/xsl/xslconsidered_5.html
 > What is your opinion?
 > Remember the thread about the bad perception of DSSSL as difficult and hard
 > to learn etc... Read this article published in XML.com and tell us what do
 > you think.
 > PS: I am contacting XML.com people for an article on real DSSSL usage. Up to
 > now I received some message about projects. I started to write (this is a
 > slow process, I do that on spare time) and for those who sent info on their
 > project, a big thank you. Expect some questions from me in a near future.
 > Any other project with DSSSL?

You may look at http://jetinfo.com
(but note that it is all in Russian)
It is web version of our corporate mgazine.
1) All articles are in docbook
2) all bells and whistles are organized in templates (in SGML)
   these templates are used in 2 ways:
   - they are used for article pages generation with
   hacked (a little)  version 1.14 of Norm's style sheet
   and sgml-parsed templates
   - they are used for on the fly cgi-based generation of
     pages (we use SX + expat for htis purpose)
3) all auxiliarry files, used as helpers for search engine
   (in fact some catalogs) are generated with home-made
   dsssl style-sheet.

   all CGI are written in mzscheme.

if you are interested in details feel free (it is fixed) to
ask Vladimir Tsyshevsky (wowa@xxxxxxxxxx) --
he is the main driving force of this project.
 > DSSSL projects for a series of articles. If you get any info on a project,
 > please send a message.
 > Regards
 > Didier PH Martin
 > mailto:martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 > http://www.netfolder.com
 >  DSSSList info and archive:  http://www.mulberrytech.com/dsssl/dssslist

 DSSSList info and archive:  http://www.mulberrytech.com/dsssl/dssslist

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