Re: testing whether current-node is defined

Subject: Re: testing whether current-node is defined
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 15:46:51 -0400
/ "Weininger, Nicholas  (MN65)" <weininger_nicholas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> was heard to say:
| Is it possible to define a function which tests whether (current-node) is
| defined in the current context? In the course of extending the Modular
| DocBook Stylesheets for HTML, I'm attempting to define a function which is
| called once per chunk-- a conditional definition of the prefix for the HTML
| filename which depends on an attribute of the root element. It appears that
| for the first chunk (i.e. the chunk corresponding to the root element),
| (current-node) is not defined. If I had a way to test for that case, I could
| put in a special workaround for it.

No, that's not quite it. You must be trying to call current-node before
the first chunk is defined. I do this occasionally. I can't quite follow
what you're trying to do. If you describe the functionality you want, I'll
happily point you in the right direction...


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