"jade:E: cannot open ..."

Subject: "jade:E: cannot open ..."
From: Guillaume Rouchy <rouchyg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 16:24:31 +0100
Good afternoon All,

I am getting the following message when I am processing a XML file that
contain a relative file reference into a graphic tag:
jade:E: cannot open "../images/image.gif" (No such file or directory)

The message is obvious since I am not executing jade in the same
directory of my file. It looks like an error message but I am getting my
(rtf) file correctly. So is this message a warning or an error ? Why
does it try to access the image since jade only need its file name...
because unfortunalety, Jade is not able to embed the image in the rtf

I am really missing something here but is it really big ??

Thanks for your help


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