importing graphics

Subject: importing graphics
From: "Darrell W. Royter" <droyter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 16:24:10 -0500
I have a rather basic question to ask, but one I can't seem to answer. I
want to import a picture into my document and I have this in my dsssl, based
on a tutorial I had seen:

(define *include-pictures* #t)

(element artwork
  (if *include-pictures*
  (make external-graphic

    display?: #t
    entity-system-id: (attribute-string "FILE"))

  (make paragraph
   (literal "(Picture omitted)"))))

In my SGML file, I have...
<artwork> FILE= "art.jpg"</>

What I get when I run Jade is an error saying I have an "invalid value for
"entity-system-id" characteristic." And it also can't convert system
identifier "" to a single filename. I have tried cutting parts of the above
out, and the best  I can get is the name of the file printed into my rtf.

I have been able to get the graphic to appear if I directly state what the
graphic is in the dsssl, but that is impractical since I have many graphics
to import.

I have the feeling that I am just missing some small piece of something
here, but I can't tell what it is. And all my research is turning up empty.
If anyone out there can help, I'd appreciate it.

Darrell W. Royter

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