Re: update a global variable in a procedure ?

Subject: Re: update a global variable in a procedure ?
From: Reyes <reyes.garcia@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 11:27:34 +0100
At 12:17 08.11.99 -0500, you wrote:
>In general, you will either bind a local environment to a 
>new procedure with (lambda) or use a (let) to determine a
>value by calling a common procedure to do context-specific
>The former is more effective when you can pass the value
>down as an argument. The latter is an alternative when you 
>can't alter the argument list (such as in an element construction 
>rule), and the arguments are derived from some other part 
>of the document.

I think, that I must explain.

I have a node-list from a (sgml-parse address) call. In this new SGML I
must replace all the attributes "ANKER=X" by "ANKER=path#X".

I have this string "path" only in the procedure that I call (sgml-parse),
path is similar to address. 

I have think to read the new SGML complet and rewrite it but with the new
value of the attribute.


(define (call-sgml address)
   (let ((nl (node-property 'document-element (sgml-parse address)))
	 (process-new-nl nl address)

(define (process-new-nl nl path)
   (let loop ((result (empty-node-list)) (rest-nl nl))
      (if (node-list-emty? rest-nl)
	   (let ((att-list (copy-attribute path (node-list-first rest-nl))))
		 (loop (node-list result ????????) (node-list-rest rest-nl))

But, I don't Know how can I make a node-list with new attributes.  
(See ???????? :-) )

Can anybody help me?

Thanks, Reyes

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