RE: openjade and DocBook: features and Unicode entity refs

Subject: RE: openjade and DocBook: features and Unicode entity refs
From: "Frank A. Christoph" <christo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 16:23:44 +0900
Norman Walsh wrote:
> / "Frank A. Christoph" <christo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> was heard to say:
> | > You have to use the XML declaration with nsgmls if you're parsing XML
> | > documents.
> |
> | I can verify this problem, and I am definitely using the XML
> declaration.
> | (I'm using OpenJade 1.3, BTW.)
> Really? If you say
>   nsgmls <whateveroptsyouwant> xml.dcl yoursourcedoc.xml
> You get this error?

No, onsgmls works fine because my document doesn't use any numeric character
references. openjade is the problem.

  openjade -t tex -d .../devel/dbstyle/docbook/print/docbook.dsl xml.dcl

gives the Unicode character ref errors. It also gives me messages like:

  openjade:docbook/print/../common/dbl1no.dsl:90:19:E: general-entity
"U-2298" not
    defined and no default entity

But I neglected to specify the environment variables Dave Pawson mentioned.
If I do that:

    -d .../devel/dbstyle/docbook/print/docbook.dsl xml.dcl arrowlib.xml

I get even more errors because, for example, style-sheet.dtd is not XML.

So maybe part of the problem is that the stylesheets are being interpreted
as XML when they should be interpreted as SGML. That's the way it's supposed
to work isn't it? Even though stylesheets and document source are supposed
to use the same SGML declaration...

Or maybe I'm just doing something wrong...


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