DocBook an TeX backend

Subject: DocBook an TeX backend
From: "Frank A. Christoph" <christo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 22:07:52 +0900
I have some quibbles and questions w.r.t. DocBook and TeX. I'm using
OpenJade 1.3 and DB stylesheets 1.46.

1) It looks like no matter what the value of %page-balance-columns?% is,
columns are always balanced.

2) For two-column output, the book titlepage is also two column, which looks

3) I want chapter and section titles to be "exdented" with respect to body
text. Is that possible? I tried the opposite, indenting the body by
increasing %block-start-indent%. This had a strange effect: it doesn't
indent most body text because I guess paragraphs aren't considered blocks,
but if I nest an itemized-list in a paragraph (not between them) it indents
not only the list but also the surrounding paragraph.

4) Even with %hyphenation% true no hyphenation occurs. (This is a big
problem, especially with two columns!)

5a) Is there an easy way to figure out the names of the font families
available in my TeX installation? The only ones I know are cmr, cmss and

5b) I would like to replicate the font settings that you get with the
default LaTeX article style. Does someone know what the relevant settings
would be?

5c) Also, I have heard that there is a set of fonts called "Blue Sky" which
work well with PDF output. What are the names of those fonts?


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