RE: DocBook an TeX backend

Subject: RE: DocBook an TeX backend
From: "Frank A. Christoph" <christo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 10:52:20 +0900
Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Frank A. Christoph writes:
>  > 5a) Is there an easy way to figure out the names of the font families
>  > available in my TeX installation? The only ones I know are
> cmr, cmss and
>  > cmtt.
> JadeTeX has a table matching up `real' font names to TeX font
> names. Not ideal, not documented, sigh.
> What is your TeX installation? basically, you can look at what font
> metric (.tfm) files are installed.


>  > 5b) I would like to replicate the font settings that you get with the
>  > default LaTeX article style. Does someone know what the
> relevant settings
>  > would be?
> set the relevant font families to
> Computer-Modern-Typewriter
> Computer-Modern-Sans
> Computer-Modern
> though why you'd want to do that, I don't know...

I tried this and the body text looks right, but the titles look wrong. The
letters are too "narrow". Also I get a message:

LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape 'T1/cmr/b/it' undefined
(Font)                       using 'T1/cmr/b/n' instead on input line 588.

which looks to me like it can't generate a CM Roman, bold, italic face...

Oh well, I know I can't expect it to be exactly like the LaTeX article style
because of the way the DocBook style sheet transforms fonts internally, but
I did want to try...

>  > 5c) Also, I have heard that there is a set of fonts called
> "Blue Sky" which
>  > work well with PDF output. What are the names of those fonts?
> the same. they are Type1 versions of the Computer Modern fonts, which
> you need to use if you are making PDF. Many traditional TeX systems
> use bitmap fonts, which is BAD BAD BAD for PDF. But this is a backend
> issue, not a font naming or core TeX issue; you need to make sure the
> driver (or pdfTeX) has access to the Type1 fonts. You'll see
> immediately if they dont

With the default font settings, the PDF looks great. With the
Computer-Modern settings above, it looks ugly in PDF, like the font is
bitmapped. How do I fix this? I checked and I know I have bluesky installed.
Does it involve changing the mappings under texmf/fontname? [Is this too far
afield for DSSSList?]


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