RE: external-graphic import error

Subject: RE: external-graphic import error
From: Jack Fitzpatrick <jfitzpatrick@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 14:08:38 -0500
I thought I'd already responded to you on this.  Your source markup
is wrong--Jade is telling you that you have no attribute "FILE" for
element "artwork".  Make sure that your source is:

<artwork FILE="filename" />

You've probably got something like:


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From:	Darrell W. Royter [SMTP:droyter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Subject:	Re: external-graphic import error

(element artwork (make external-graphic entity-system-id:
    (string-append (attribute-string "FILE") ".jpg")))

   This assumes that <artwork> has a "file" attribute containing the
name of the image file without the ".jpg" extension.

I tried this and got an error stating that the 1st argument for primitive
"string-append" of wrong type: "#f" not a string.

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