Multiple File Output

Subject: Multiple File Output
From: Peter Bennett <peter.bennett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 14:51:44 -0000
I am trying to output several different HTML files from one XML file.
To do this, I am currently running the same XML file with several DSL.
Being new to DSSSL and Jade, I am unaware of any method for using a DSL
to output more than one file at a time, and am wondering if this is

for example, I have an XML file containing textual information about a
subject along with practical activities.
I want one HTML file for the text, and separate files for the

Presently I have to use one style sheet for the text, and others for the
activities and process each one separately.
But I wonder if there is a way, I can use one stylesheet to create
several, separate files when presented with certain elements and their
Thank you for your help

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