Jade, dsssl, ....

Subject: Jade, dsssl, ....
From: "Peter Sognefur" <sognefur@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 11:18:27 CET

More questions:

1. Last time I mailed I got this code example (thanx Jane!):

(mode toc
  (make link
        destination: (with-mode #f (current-node-address))

     (make sequence (literal (xo-division-numid) " ")
)	;; end of mode toc

The only thing I change is that I put my element "homepage" under the (mode toc and the close the statement with one more parentesis. I get no error messages, but it doesn't work. I get no links in the rtf file.

2. I asked this before, but I think that I was to diffuse in my question. If I have a picture marked up in XML, how do I then get it to show in the rtf file after the convertion? Some example dsssl code would be appreciated.

Thanx to all of you!!

Bye for now...


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