Re: breakup (was: Issues with literate programming DSSSL Script)

Subject: Re: breakup (was: Issues with literate programming DSSSL Script)
From: Matthias Clasen <clasen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 09:52:13 +0100
Sorry for jumping a bit late into this discussion. I just looked at the
issues with formatting-instruction, and it works nicely with the current
CVS version of openjade (as long as you declare it with 

> Quoting Simon Pepping <spepping@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > The TeX backend does accept it since it has a function
> > formattingInstruction, which outputs the argument. Strangely enough,
> > it does not declare it as one of its extensions in makeTeXFOTBuilder,
> > so it seems built-in. It is the style engine that refuses the FO
> > unless one declares it as an extension.
> > 
>    Hmm... guess that falls under the "undocumented feature" category. :)

No, formatting-instruction is not listed in the extensions in
makeTeXFOTBuilder, since it is treated specially in 
Interpreter::installExtensionFlowObjectClass. I agree that this is 
confusing and should probably be handled differently.
> > The SGML backend I have (openjade, 1.4devel, early october) does not
> > have such a function, and indeed the string does not appear at all.
> > 
>    That would have to fall under the "bug" category.  Wonder how that
> happened?  This all works under release versions, anyway.

I guess you are confusing SgmlFOTBuilder and TransformFOTBuilder here. 
SgmlFOTBuilder is the implementation of the fot backend, thus
there is no need for a formattingInstruction there. But the
TransformFOTBuilder which implements the sgml backend has it.

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