OpenSP-1.4-pre2 for Win32 tiny bug

Subject: OpenSP-1.4-pre2 for Win32 tiny bug
From: "Konovalov, Vadim" <vkonovalov@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 20:45:23 +0300

Sorry if I write to wrong place, I did not found usual file "bugs" in source
files distribution.
(File ./readme says "Please report any bugs you find" but does not says
e-mail :)
Please lead me into right place if I'm wrong.

File catalog.htm says about environment variable SGML_CATALOG_FILES that
"... the list is separated by colons under Unix and by semi-colons under
MS-DOS and Windows...."
I tried to specify some catalog files, separated them by semi-colons but
onsgmls.exe did not seem to find any of them. When I specify exactly one
catalog file it finds it correctly.

It seems to me that *nix and dosish path separators were permuted.

File "include/config.h" (after it appears:) contains following:
#define PATH_SEPARATOR ';'
#define PATH_SEPARATOR ':'

I've changed it to:
#define PATH_SEPARATOR ';'
#define PATH_SEPARATOR ':'

rebuilt, and problem was solved.

I know, this file is automatically generated and any changes there will be
Changes must be made in some other place, but I don't feel comfortable with
the file structure for this project.

Good luck,

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