Re: Titlepage in DocBook

Subject: Re: Titlepage in DocBook
From: Bert Auerbach <Bert.Auerbach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 13:29:41 +0100 (MET)
>Editing the dbparam.dsl file is a bad idea. Instead, use a customization

I made this changes and now I use a costumization layer but I only get a left centred titlepage :o( There is maybe another problem that I don't see.

My problem: I want to get a html and a TeX version of my xml-document with a centred titlepage. 
The only result I got is in html a left centred titlepage with all information I want to have, thats ok but left centred.
The result of TeX conversion is a centred first page but there appears only the author and the title and at second page are all information from <bookinfo>  structure but left centred. 

Maybe I use a wrong structure for describing the informations in <bookinfo>.

<book lang="de">

    <informaltable frame="none">
      <tgroup cols=2>
      <colspec colwidth="6cm">
      <colspec colwidth="7cm">      



Thanks for help.

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