String problem

Subject: String problem
From: "Dudley, Mark" <Mark.Dudley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000 08:31:38 -0500

I have a problem and would sincerely appreciate some input. I am conducting
an SGML to SGML transformation and have run across a bit of a problem. I
have SGML that looks like this:

<index-entry term = "No Content documents:description; Content: no

and need it to look like this:

  <indexprimary>No Content documents</indexprimary>
  <indexsub>no description</indexsub>

I was able to do this in XSL but that is not helpful to me as I need valid
SGML out of the transformation process. Any help/direction would be great.

Mark Dudley

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