Re: Testing whitespace

Subject: Re: Testing whitespace
From: Peter Nilsson <pnidv96@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 13:19:44 +0100 (CET)
On Sat, 11 Mar 2000, Brandon Ibach wrote:

>    Well, Peter will have to speak to the relative speed of this method
> as opposed to using (member) against a list of whitespace characters,
> but you could use:  (char-property 'input-whitespace? c), where "c" is
> the character in question.

It should be quiet fast. It is a primitive that searches a 3-level tree
for the value. The (member ...) approach is a little slower. I'd recommend
using char-property. Please tell me if there are any performance problems,
and I'll try to fix it...

/Peter Nilsson

'(#\P . (#\e . (#\t . (#\e . (#\r)))))

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