Escape characters for 'literal'?

Subject: Escape characters for 'literal'?
From: "Malcolm, Douglas J" <Douglas.Malcolm@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 15:38:09 -0400
Hi group,

I'm running into a small problem trying to pass html tags using 'literal'.
I'm trying to put section headers in an html table to achieve a sort of
hanging indent when the title is long enough to wrap to another line.
Trouble is, Jade does not like me passing "<table>" and other html tags
straight through.  I get "element Table undefined" errors.  Is there an
escape character I can use, (already tried / & //) or am I simply using
literal incorrectly?

Code sample, from where I attempt to change $section-title$:

    (make sequence
      (make element gi: h1elem
	    attributes: (list (list "CLASS" (gi sect)))
	    (make element gi: "A"
		  attributes: (list (list "NAME" name))
		  (if (string=? (element-label (current-node)) "")
		      (literal "<table><tr><td>" (element-label
(current-node)) nsep))
		  (literal "<//td><td>")    
		  (element-title-sosofo sect)
		  (literal "<//td><//tr><//table>")))

I know I still have a logic error (if label is empty, I'll be passing bad
html), but first I need to get it to pass the table tags.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Douglas Malcolm

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