Re: PDF backend for (Open)Jade

Subject: Re: PDF backend for (Open)Jade
From: "Christof Drescher" <drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 12:35:14 +0200
Hi Matthias,

> > The backend (called fot2pdf) is written in JAVA and can be used on most
> > platforms easily. It is deliberately NOT to be included in the standard
> > OpenJade source tree, but runs separately taking the generated FOT file
> > as input. The backend has been used to produce several documents now
> This, however will be a problem for implementing features which
> require bidirectional communication between the backend and the
> style engine, like indirect sosofos.

As you can assume, I'm fairly familiar with the "standard" flow objects
appearing in the DSSSL fot. The sosofos do never come up to this point, and
as I thought, the formatting backends need to render the contents of the

So I looked at the standard about "indirect sosofos" and found some infos
layout-driven generated Text, which is even currently implemented for
page-numbers and could easily be enhanced to support per-page footnotes and
the like.

Yet, I don't see the needs for bidirectional communication here - could you
please specify that? Furthermore, is this feature implemented in OpenJade
yet? Do you have examples for the usage of it?


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