Jade & CLSID

Subject: Jade & CLSID
From: Brian Keck <b.keck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 16:09:57 +1000

I've just written my first docbook doc & converted it to RTF, successfully
including a GIF with
        <graphic fileref="T.gif"></graphic>
But I can't figure out what jade.html means in the paragraph (included below)
about CLSIDs.  I know how to extract CLSIDs from the Windows registry.
Could someone give an example of how this is used?

Brian Keck


/usr/share/doc/jade/jade.html ...

  Only the following flow object classes are implemented:
      On Windows platforms, this can be used to embed OLE objects, by
      making the the value of the notation-system-id: a formal system
      identifier whose storage manager is CLSID and whose storage
      object identifier is the COM CLSID (including surrounding
      braces).  The system identifier may also be just <CLSID> (that
      is, the storage object identifier may be empty); in this case,
      the OLE default CLSID for the file (usually chosen based on the
      file's extension) will be used.

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