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Subject: Re: xml-mode for emacs
From: DSSSList Owner <dssslist-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 15:56:18 -0400 (EST)
At 25 May 2000 19:16 +0200, vincent_garsuault@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
 > I have found a wonderfull xsl-mode for emacs in on the XSL
 > list.
 > But now I am looking for a powerfull xml editing mode for emacs.
 > Have anybody of you heard about it?
 > I  have already tried the psgml1.2.1, but there it do not contain any color
 > and tabulation capabilities.

As the author of the XSL mode, I'm glad that you like it, but as the
DSSSList owner, I have to warn you that asking about an XML mode for
Emacs is off-topic for the DSSSList.  Now, if you had asked about a
DSSSL mode for Emacs, that would have been on topic.

However, PSGML can do syntax highlighting and indenting.  See the
instructions for installing PSGML in Markus Hoenicka's "SGML for NT"
tutorial at


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