RE: HTML to PDF, by way of DSSSL ?

Subject: RE: HTML to PDF, by way of DSSSL ?
From: MARK.WROTH@xxxxxxxxxxx (Wroth, Mark)
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 08:14:13 -0700
"Floyd Maxwell" <floyd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> asked about converting HTML to PDF via DSSSL 
and Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> commented


BI>   If you just want to convert an HTML document to PDF, there are some
BI> DSSSL stylesheets for HTML already available which should do a
BI> sufficient job.  Is this what you're after, or did you have something
BI> else in mind?

I believe the option Floyd is exploring is:

1. Convert existing HTML to (Jade)TeX using Jade
2. Convert the (Jade)TeX to PDF using pdfTeX

Clearly, one of the necessary steps is a DSSSL stylesheet/script that formats the HTML as desired, and I would assume such stylesheets exist .... but I don't specifically know of any.  Can anyone provide specific pointers?

(I have an interest in helping Floyd on this, as I think I made the original suggestion that he consider this approach :-)

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