Extreme Markup Languages 2000 - Complete Program Available

Subject: Extreme Markup Languages 2000 - Complete Program Available
From: "B. Tommie Usdin" <btusdin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 11:33:04 -0400
Extreme is an unabashedly hard-core conference for technically-oriented
members of the information interchange community: a place where information
management and markup professionals can gather to learn from each other,
exchange ideas and form alliances, challenge their preconceptions, argue,
and increase the range of their knowledge and skills.

Conference papers are all new material and have undergone extensive peer
review - and revision based on that review - to ensure the highest
technical quality. Eight slots on the program have been saved for
late-breaking news: material that is developing and changing too rapidly
for the results to be reported in time for peer review.

WHAT:      Extreme Markup Languages 2000
WHEN:      Conference: August 15-18, 2000
           Tutorials August 13-14, 2000
WHERE:     Montreal, Canada
SPONSOR:   Graphic Communications Association (GCA)
Chairs:    Steven R. Newcomb, TechnoTeacher, Inc.
           B. Tommie Usdin, Mulberry Technologies, Inc.
Co-Chairs: Deborah A. Lapeyre, Mulberry Technologies, Inc.
           C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, World Wide Web Consortium/MIT
              Laboratory for Computer Sciences
MORE INFORMATION: For the conference program, tutorial descriptions, and
registration information, see http://www.extrememarkup.net

Extreme Markup Languages 2000          mailto:extreme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
August 13-18, 2000                           details: http:www.gca.org
Montreal, Canada                      or: http://www.extrememarkup.net

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