Using Multiple Stylesheets

Subject: Using Multiple Stylesheets
From: droyter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 10:58:41 -0400
Hello everyone,

I had a question regarding the use of mulitple DSSSL sylesheets. I 
have a DSSSL file with rather basic formatting definitions in it. I 
was able to define that file as an entity in a second DSSSL and 
reference it in external-specification. I used the second DSSSL to 
further define the formatting of one element.

I later tired to create a third file, which referenced the second dsl in 
the same manner as the second to the first, and added more 
formatting. I ran the file through Jade and took a look at the results. 
what happedned was the formatting of the second DSSSL was 

I would like to know if it is possible to chain the dsssl files together 
so that I can avoid having one long, tremendously involved file. 
Obviously I can reference one file and make it work, but can I 
reference a file that itself references another file without overriding 
the formatting at each level? Is there an example to be found?

Thank you all for your help.


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