jadetex/tex: capacity exceeded error

Subject: jadetex/tex: capacity exceeded error
From: Deborah Greenberg Lidl <dgl@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 16:21:50 -0600
Folks --

I'm having some configuration problems.  Having searched the list and
implemented those recommendations, I find that the problems persist.
I turn to you all again for assistance.  Apologies in advance for errors
in terminology.

Below, I've outlined the problem, the procedures I followed, and the
tools that I'm using.  Any pointers or suggestions greatly appreciated.

The problem:

- Using TeX and the jadetex macros on my TeX file causes an error
	! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [pool size=5000].

  It's an SGML book using the DocBook DTD.  Probably about 15 pages
  when transformed into an RTF.
- Using TeX and Norm's test.sgm (mentioned in the DSSSL docs) works.
  TeX and the jadetex macros produce a dvi file, as expected.

The procedure:

- I followed Sebastian's suggestions posted in May of 2000 
  - Added updated config lines to <snip>/teTeX/share/texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf
	pool_free.hugelatex = 47500
	pool_size.hugelatex = 500000
	pool_free.jadetex = 47500
	pool_size.jadetex = 500000
	pool_free.pdfjadetex = 47500
	pool_size.pdfjadetex = 500000
	pool_free.hugelatex = 47500
	pool_size.hugelatex = 500000
	(added the other recommended stuff too, but snipped here for space)

  - Created the hugelatex macro
    # tex -ini -progname=hugelatex -fmt=hugelatex latex.ltx

  - Copied the hugelatex.fmt file to the TeX configuration directory
    (another list member suggested this in late 1999 in response to a
    query about hugelatex) 
    # cp hugelatex.fmt <snip>/teTeX/share/texmf/web2c/

  - Made the jadetex format files

- Ran tex with the jadetex macro package: 
	% tex "&/home/src/jadetex/jadetex" guide

- Got "TeX capacity exceeded" error

- Tried Sebastian's other suggestion:
  - Created jadetex.cfg containing only
  - Copied this file to the 
	- jadetex directory
	- web2c directory
	- directory containing my SGML and TeX files

- Ran tex with jadetex macro package again

- Same results: capacity exceeded error

- Ran tex with the pdfjadetex macro package
	% tex "&/home/src/jadetex/pdfjadetex" guide

- Same results: capacity exceeded error

My Theory
- the default texmf.cnf file includes 
	pool_free.context = 47500
	pool_free = 5000
  I suspect that something hasn't been updated to take advantage of
  the new *.hugelatex and *.pdfjadetex settings.

The Tools
- BSD/OS 4.1
- DocBook SGML 4.1
- DSSSL 1.54
- Jade 1.2.1
- JadeTex 2.20
- TeX (Web2C 7.3.1) 3.14159

Again, many thanks for any suggestions.
Debbie Lidl 
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