Re: rendering trademark in HTML using DSSSL and Navigator

Subject: Re: rendering trademark in HTML using DSSSL and Navigator
From: Deborah Greenberg Lidl <dgl@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 13:59:44 -0600
On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 09:48:14PM -0600, Deborah Greenberg Lidl said:
> In Netscape Navigator 4.x browsers on both BSD/OS 4.1 and Windows 98,
> trademarks are showing up as &trade; in the text.  Registered trademarks,
> service marks, and copyright are showing up as the symbols.
> In Lynx on BSD/OS and Internet Explorer 5.0 and HotMetal PRO on Windows
> 98, all trademarks symbols are rendered as you would expect.

Indeed, the problem seems to be with the browser.  Navigator does not
recognize &trade; as valid.  However, Navigator does recognize &#8482;
and renders it as [tm].  Lynx renders this code as (TM) and Internet
Explorer renders it as a superscripted TM.
I've modified html/dbinline.dsl to use the code:
<       (make entity-ref name: "trade")))))
>       (make entity-ref name: "#8482")))))

This displays as expected in Navigator, Internet Explorer, and Lynx.

The W3C recommendation for character entity references in HTML 4
recognizes trade for 8482.  Thus, I would argue that Navigator is
broken and should be fixed.  However, being practical, I will modify
the HTML DSSSL stylesheets to use 8482.

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