Re: Openjade, catalogs ans SGMLDECL

Subject: Re: Openjade, catalogs ans SGMLDECL
From: Lars Marius Garshol <larsga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 31 Aug 2000 15:17:11 +0200
* Jany Quintard
| So, when I use this catalog, I get the following errors :
| openjade:/xo/vpp/sgml/dtd/ssheet.dtd:6:2:E: unknown declaration type
| "element"
| openjade:/xo/vpp/sgml/dtd/ssheet.dtd:8:2:E: unknown declaration type
| "element"
| openjade:/xo/vpp/sgml/dtd/ssheet.dtd:9:2:E: unknown declaration type
| "attlist"
| openjade:/xo/vpp/sgml/dtd/ssheet.dtd:13:2:E: unknown declaration type
| "element"
| Which I find strange, is that it occurs, even if the SGML declaraion is
| mentined in the command line. If I comment out the SGMLDECL statement in
| the catalog, all is fine again.
| I don't have any problems with another (plain SGML) declaration
| (ibmiddoc.dcl).
| Does anyone see an xplanation ?

I've had the same problem, and as far as I understand the problem is
that Jade is reading the stylesheet DTD expecting it to be an XML DTD
(after all, you are using the XML SGML declaration). Of course, it is
not, and so the whole thing fails.

I expect if you convert the DTD to an XML DTD and your stylesheet to
XML (for example with SX) it will work, but I've never tried. If you
do I would be happy to get a copy of the XML version of the DTD.

--Lars M.

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