Re: Font problem

Subject: Re: Font problem
From: skvenkat@xxxxxxx
Date: 20 Sep 00 06:39:13 MDT
MathType replies:

S.K. Venkat,

  The equations in the document that you sent were not MathType equations.
  They were Microsoft Word EQ fields.

  I found that when I used the Convert Equations command in the MathType menu
  of Microsoft Word and they appeared as equations but sigma is being
  converted to a ó, nu is being converted to í, but for some reason, phi is
  translating correctly. This appears to be a bug in our translator which
  converts EQ fields to MathType equations. I will report this but to our

  In the meantime, however, I do not have many convenient options to offer
  you, since the EQ field translator is not working correctly. You can either
  leave the EQ fields as EQ fields and make changes to the fields to edit
  or you can convert them to MathType equations and correct the improperly
  translated characters manually. I realize that both of these options are
  inconvenient and apologize. This is a serious bug that I expect our
  programmers will correct in the next release of MathType. I am surprised
  that it has not been reported earlier.

  Best regards,

  David Alexander
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