DOCTYPE Declaration and openjade

Subject: DOCTYPE Declaration and openjade
From: Jany Quintard <quintard.j@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 17:42:46 +0200 (CEST)
Hi all

I am facing with a difficulty I don't know how to manage.
We produce XML files using an XML Visual Tool.
The files have a DOCTYPE declaration that follows the model :
<!DOCTYPE xodoc PUBLIC "pubid" " "
[<!ENTITY ......>

The problem lies in the empty system identifier.
Our DTD is accessed via the catalog file (openjade -c catalog ...)
and we don not need the system ID. But the classes we use output the
DOCTYPE with it, empty or not.
Adept does the same : if I save an SGML file "as XML", the doctype
contains an empty system identifier "".
And then, openjade complains that "" is not a correct system
identifier. If we put something in, it says that it can't open the file.
If we use a dummy file, it want to use this empty file to load the DTD.

So, I am wondering where the bug (if any) is ?.
In openjade, which should not try to use a dummy file, or in the XML tools
which should not write the "" if there is no system identifier ?

Any hints?

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