Re: fot2pdf release 1.02

Subject: Re: fot2pdf release 1.02
From: Thomas Andre Berger <thomasbe@xxxxxx>
Date: 02 Nov 2000 09:56:46 +0100
"Christof Drescher" <drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Dear DSSSL users,
> just a quick note to inform you about the release of fot2pdf-r102.
> fot2pdf is a PDF backend for Jade/OpenJade and produces PDF files directly
> from Jade-generated flow object trees. It includes support for PS-Type1
> fonts, imports other PDF-files as external graphics, uses an optimizing
> line-breaking algorithm and much more. The official site (including
> downloading) is located at
> Below are the latest changes; of course, bug reports and requests
> for improvements are still welcome.

Hi Christof,

We are currently using Norman Walsh style-sheet and the TeX-backend by
Sebatian et al.  But we are not very happy about the solution, and I
have therefore tried your Java FOT backend.  But I have some questions
and improvements that I would like to see before it can replace the
TeX solution:

First, I get:

  WARNING! Unsupported FlowObject 'text' skipped!
  WARNING! Unsupported FlowObject 'text' skipped!
  WARNING! Unsupported FlowObject 'text' skipped!

I think you have commented on this before, but I don't quite remember.
What is the problem?

ERROR! Could not read &lt;OSFILE SOIBASE='../graphics_pdf.ent'&gt;psm_arch.pdf
ERROR! Could not read &lt;OSFILE SOIBASE='../graphics_pdf.ent'&gt;modstruc.pdf

<external-graphic entity-system-id="&lt;OSFILE SOIBASE='../graphics_pdf.ent'&gt;psm_arch.pdf" notation-system-id="PDF" scale-x="0.75" scale-y="0.75" display="true" display-alignment="center"/>

We use entities to refer to graphics files (to resolve the format
dependencies to the different backends).  It would be nice if your
solution could handle this.

But the most important thing that does not workis that <screen>
elements that is line specific (that should adhere to the newlines in
the source!) is reformatted!  This is a sample fot output:

<paragraph space-before="11pt" space-after="11pt" font-size="7.201pt" line-spacing="9.362pt" start-indent="48pt" font-family-name="Courier New" font-weight="medium" font-posture="upright" first-line-start-indent="0pt" lines="asis" input-whitespace-treatment="preserve">
<a name="338"/>
<text>                  PSM Resources Installation
<text>                  ==========================
<text>This script will configure and install PSM Resources Software.

The output does not adhere to the newlines (the text elemts).

Also, before investigating your solution more.  What is your license
terms for commersial usage?  We are a small software company that uses
the SGML->DSSSL->PDF for making our manuals.

Best regards,
 Thomas André Berger               Open Systems Computing AS
 email: thomasbe@xxxxxx            Kongensgt. 9, N-0153 Oslo, Norway
 phone: +47 2331 4758		   phone +47 2220 4050, fax +47 22 20 02 85

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