Re: Graphics in header or footer

Subject: Re: Graphics in header or footer
From: "Christof Drescher" <drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 08:47:06 +0100
Hi Brandon!

> Quoting Christof Drescher <drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > > Quoting Hans Eberle <Hans.Eberle@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> > > > With this funcion it was possible to insert a graphic into a table
> > > > But when I try to insert a graphics into header or footer, the
> > > > in the table cell was disappeard.
> > > >
> > >    Just a hunch... try setting "display?" to #f.  Jade may not allow
> > > anything other than inline content in a simple-page-sequence header.
> >
> > Just to make sure: Jade does indeed allow external-graphics to be
> > in the headers/footers. If they don't come up, it's a problem of the
> > backend. Theoretically, it should work (at least it does with fot2pdf).
> >
>    Oh, sure, Christof... *make* me go look everything up. :)  I didn't
> mean to say that you couldn't put an external-graphic in an s-p-s
> header.  What I was getting at is that the header might not be allowed
> to have displayed objects.  Indeed, the DSSSL spec requires that the
> header consist of purely inline objects.
>    Thus, the specification of display?: #t in Hans' example would
> cause a problem.  In fact, I'm surprised Jade didn't issue an error
> about it.  In any case, changing the value of display? to #f (or
> omitting it altogether, as #f is the default) will cause the graphic
> to be created as an inline object, which is allowed in a header.

I hate to quote everything and then put only a minor thing below, but:
Prefectly correct, this is how it should be, and the only thing I wanted
to point out is that if any problem with this way arises (i.e. put _inlined_
objects into a header/footer), it is not the fault of "core" Jade -
since it works here.

So, go ahead, put graphics in headers...and have fun with it!

Christof :-)

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