Cosmetics on Docbook DSSSL

Subject: Cosmetics on Docbook DSSSL
From: "Peter N. M. Hansteen" <peter@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 13:25:29 +0100

I've been writing a set of manuals using the DocBook DTD, and
I'm now faced with the task of customizing the presentation.

These documents are to be published as html and printables,
the latter probably as pdf. My primary work platform for this 
is Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 with latest (apt-get update; apt-get upgrade)
updates. For the html parts, it looks like I'll be getting away with
minor tweaks. However, when it comes to the print/PDF stuff, I have
come to realize that my lisp is not quite what it should be.

My wish list contains a few things, such as

* placing a graphic on the title page of the print doc, preferably
  without having to include the graphic as an inlinemediaobject inside
  the author tags

* having page numbering restart at 1 at the start of the first chapter
  (ie having separate page numbering for front matter)

* figuring out how to place a double rule after chapter headings

* Header/footer: rule above page footers, below page headers,
  including document title in page footer.

Simpler operations like overriding which fonts to use I've managed,
but these tasks here seem to overtax my lisp. Any pointers appreciated.

- Peter

Peter N. M. Hansteen  peter@xxxxxxxxxx 
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