RE: (dsssl) pdfjadetex and display-group

Subject: RE: (dsssl) pdfjadetex and display-group
From: "Nilsson, Peter" <pni@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 09:49:11 +0100
> My document is divided in divisions (<d>) containing a prolog 
> (<dp>) and a
> body (<dbody>). Each body can contain other divisions.
> I want a page-break before each high-level division. For 
> this, I use the
> display-group flow object :
> (element d
>   (let* (chapter? ...  boolean true if high level division)
>     (if chapter? (make display-group break-before: 'page

Did you try making a simple-page-sequence for each chapter instead?

//Peter Nilsson

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