Re: (dsssl) quick howto?

Subject: Re: (dsssl) quick howto?
From: Thomas Andre Berger <thomasbe@xxxxxx>
Date: 22 Jan 2001 22:20:44 +0100
"Jeremy C. Reed" <reed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> In particular I have a sgml document (The Linux System
> Administrators' Guide) with fig images that I want to edit and
> regenerate to postscript for printing.
> It starts with:
> <!doctype book PUBLIC "-//Davenport//DTD DocBook V3.0//EN" [
> ]>
> Basically the makefile does:
>         jade -t tex -d /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheet/dsssl/docbook/nwalsh/print/docbook.dsl temp.sgml
>         jadetex temp.tex
>         jadetex temp.tex
>         jadetex temp.tex
>         dvips -o temp.dvi
> (I am not sure why the jadetex is done three times.)

To get references right (like page numbers).  This is normal for TeX-users.

> Does anyone know where I can get this docbook.dsl?

You can get some rpm-s or debian packages that fixes everything for
you.  But I don't remember where the rpm-s are located.  The
style-sheet is maintained (made) by Norman Walsh.  See
for zip archives.  But you will need to edit some CATALOG files to get
things working unless you use some packages.

> Also, a postscript version of the book uses about 8-inch by 9-inch. How
> can I make my sgml use the entire 8"x11" (standard U.S. letter size)? (I
> guess I need to set this somewhere using docbook?)

This can be set in the style-sheets (at the customization layer).
Download and read the documentation.  Also buying the DocBook-book
might be useful (also available online).  Start reading at

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