Re: (dsssl) quick howto?

Subject: Re: (dsssl) quick howto?
From: Jany Quintard <jany.quintard@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 22:51:32 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

> On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> > I am looking for a quick howto on using jade, docbook and DSSSL.
> > .../...
> >         jadetex temp.tex
> >         jadetex temp.tex
> >         jadetex temp.tex
> >         dvips -o temp.dvi
> > (I am not sure why the jadetex is done three times.)
TeX uses the three passes (batch processing) to build the links between
the ToC and the content.
> I am answering this question.
> I found a docbook.dsl in a NetBSD package called dsssl-docbook-modular
> (DSSSL stylesheets for the DocBook DTD by Norman Walsh).
> But when I use them:
> # DBPATH=/usr/pkg/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl/modular jade -t tex -d
> $DBPATH/print/docbook.dsl ~/doc/sysadmin-guide-0.6.2/sag.sgml
> I received various errors:
> jade:/home/reed/doc/sysaadmin-guide-0.6.2/sag.sgml:1:59:W: cannot
> generate system identifier for public text "-//Davenport//DTD DocBook V3.0//EN"
> jade:/home/reed/doc/sysadmin-guide-0.6.2/sag.sgml:2:0:E: reference to
> entity "BOOK" for which no system identifier could be generated
> jade:/home/reed/doc/sysadmin-guide-0.6.2/sag.sgml:1:0: entity was defined
> here
> jade:/home/reed/doc/sysadmin-guide-0.6.2/sag.sgml:2:0:E: DTD did not
> contain element declaration for document type name
> jade:/home/reed/doc/sysadmin-guide-0.6.2/sag.sgml:4:5:E: element
> "BOOK" undefined
> ... many more element undefined's ...
> jade:/home/reed/doc/sysadmin-guide-0.6.2/sag.sgml:324:15:E: there is no
> attribute "LINKEND"
These all means that (open)jade does not find the DTD describing your
document. Copy the DTD in your dcurrent directory or use a catalog
referencing the DTD.

> jade:/usr/pkg/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl/modular/print/docbook.dsl:83:0:E: notatio
> n "DSSSL" for entity "dbl1es" undefined
> ending with:
> jade:E: specification document does not have the DSSSL architecture as a
> base architecture
And maybe it does not find the meta DTD (ssheet.dtd and stylesheet.dtd) in
the (open)jade distribution.

HIH. Jany

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