Re: (dsssl) Reacting to page breaks inside a paragraph

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Reacting to page breaks inside a paragraph
From: jany.quintard@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 10:29:58 +0200 (CEST)
On Sun, 8 Apr 2001, John R. Sheets wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm putting together a simple DTD and stylesheets for screenwriting,
> .../... 
> However, if a page break splits the dialogue, I need to be able to
> insert the name again as a header on the following page:
>                 JOE
>     As I was saying, the best way
>     to strip the bark off without
>     breaking it into uneven pieces 
> -----PAGE BREAK-----
>             JOE (cont'd)
>     is to first separate it from the
>     wood by smacking it with a 

A (quite simple and not very smart) method would be to build a table for
each <dialogue> and use the <name> as header. Something like:

  (element dialogue
    (make table table-border: #f
      (make table-part content-map: '((name header)
                                      (speech #f))
    table-part-omit-middle-header?: #f))) ;; to repeat header on each page

  (element name 
    (make sequence label: 'thead
      (your processing)))

  (element speech
    (make sequence label: 'tbody
      (your processing)))

Look at (in the dsssl spec): Table-part Flow Object Class
A table-part flow object is allowed only within a table flow object. 
A table-part flow object has three ports: 
  the principal port, which is used for the table body.
  header, which is used for the table header.
  footer, which is used for the table footer.
  The following characteristics are applicable: 
    table-part-omit-middle-header?:  is a boolean which if true
    specifies that a table-part whose first area is not at the
    beginning of an area produced by the table shall not start with
    the content of its header port.  The initial value is #f.

HIH. Jany

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