Re: (dsssl) sdata entity mapping in sgml to sgml

Subject: Re: (dsssl) sdata entity mapping in sgml to sgml
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 13:13:30 +0100

  > <!ENTITY auml SDATA "[auml ]">
  > <!ENTITY ae "&auml;" >
  This works fine. I am not sure I understand how it works (in fact, I am
  sure I don't).
  I suppose line 2 is used to map the translated entity to a standard
  one and in this case, it is obscure that :

  > <!ENTITY ae SDATA "[auml ]">
  does not work, as it seems to be a shortcut. 

SDATA entities essentially have to be "known" by the system.
the "definition" given ("[auml ]" here) is just a last resort fallback,
and a bit of self-documentation.

So, jade knows what to do with an SDATA entity called auml (there's a
file of its SDATA mappings somewhere in the distribution, as I recall)
But if you make up your own SDATA entity, such as ae then you need to
modify the application (jade here) to understand it.

However if ae is just a general entity that expands to the known SDATA
entity then of course you are OK again.


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