(dsssl) embedding TeX from jadeTeX into LaTeX

Subject: (dsssl) embedding TeX from jadeTeX into LaTeX
From: "Ed Koster" <ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 13:45:46 -0700
I'm using David Carlisle's DSSSL style-sheets to convert MathML to TeX via
Jade. The TeX that it outputs has to be run through the jadetex (or
pdfjadetex) macro, which converts it directly to dvi or pdf.  The problem is
that I need this TeX to somehow be embedded in the context of a larger latex
file, not just plain text (like is enabled with Carlisle's mathmlx format).

Unfortunately I can neither get jadetex to understand the other latex
commands, nor latex to understand the jadetex commands.  it seems to me like
jadetex would have a built-in provision for this type of thing since it
seems like a common enough operation.  There must be some configuration file
that I'm not properly configuring to do exactly this.  Any ideas?

Please help.  As you can easily tell I'm a DSSSL newbie.


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